Re-considering Ringön

Ringön, a former island located just across the river from Gothenburg’s central station, is a transforming area with a long industrial past and an unknown future.

Ringön is the last undeveloped slice of a former industrial part of the city and has due to its geographic location caught the interest of a great number of stakeholders. Formerly home to Gothenburg’s shipyards, the area has since the 1970’s oil crisis transformed into an industrial liminal space with a great number of businesses in the mechanical, construction and recycling sector. In recent years, however, new neighbors from the creative industries have started to move in and fill empty buildings with co-working spaces or artist studios. In an attempt to secure a sustainable transformation of the area, a 25-year building stop was put in place in 2016.

A two-hour evening workshop was conducted on Ringön by the master students in Business & Design. My main contribution to the workshop was being part of the concept group that designed the activities, working with print and presentation media, as well as time-taking and documenting during the workshop.

Throughout the different parts of the workshops, participants with different backgrounds, business owners from the old and new industries, representatives of the municipality, city planners and designers, were encouraged to work together on understanding the past, present and possible futures of Ringön. In three parts, the participants got to know each other, created new possible personas for the island and constructed objects of desire for the new Ringön inhabitants. The groups explained their concepts on a story sheet as well as in a short, informal presentation for all participants.

The workshop did not aim to propose guidelines or solutions, but instead facilitated a meeting of different people with diverse interests in the area and made it possible to discuss and prototype possible futures together.


Drawing a person who would live on Ringön
Group discussion
Material table
“Thinking helmet” – what would the created persona want/need/desire?