Chairs are shaped after our bodies while also affecting our bodies’ posture. They can even position us in a social hierarchy. A radical rethinking of the gynaecological examination.


A modern torture device, the gyno chair, in perhaps its most fashionable form so far
Form Magazine (transl.)

Little Anne?

Inclusion saves lives. A norm-critical investigation of bodies and representation in CPR manikins in collaboration with their leading manufacturer, Laerdal.

Little Anne?

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With material and materiality at its core, Lina Wil creates commercial objects and jewellery for the design-aware.

Call Girls

Hey Siri! Hey Alexa! Hey Cortana! – Hey girl! Call Girls is a community project investigating the gendering of virtual assistants Call Girls


Design by Fredrik Lindén & Lina Wilckens for Greenworks, Stockholm.

A vision for what the future could hold
The Press and Journal