Brand workshop

Workshop on brand, branding (and why they’re not the same) for 20+ members of the Glasgow Student Marketing Society.

As it is now common to work in interdisciplinary teams, this was a chance for non-designers – mostly politics and business students – to get to know a new way of problem-solving. The event started with a 30 minute presentation of my work, what it means to design and how and why brand is relevant.

With reference to Wally Olins “The Brand Handbook” I introduced the idea of brand as a gut feeling and the elements this feeling consists of – communication, products, environments and behaviour.

After that, a hands-on workshop was introduced where the participants, devided into groups, created physical moodboards of the perceived brand DNA / gut feeling of selected fast food brands. The members worked on visual manifestations for their feelings and perceptions around McDonald’s, Pret a Manger, Juice Garden and Starbucks. We finished with a brief presentation of each groups’ main insights. One group even presented a poem about McDonalds to demonstrate their split feelings about the brand: poetic lines (related to positive childhood memories) and their contrasting adult feelings towards the company, describing greasy, unhealthy food and shady people at McDonalds at 2.30am.

Introduction of ‘brand’ and ‘branding’
Discussions and work on the moodboards
Presentation of the moodboards

The moodboards: