Brand concept ‘hush’ was created by four students at the Glasgow School of Art. Its target is one of the deadly sins: envy. ‘Balance’ is one of its products.

Envy, if not managed, can influence us to an extend where it has a negative impact on our well-being. Therefore, we gradually worked towards a brand approach that is targeted towards the understanding of human feelings, emotions and our need for mental serenity. As a result of these considerations hush’s understated aesthetic mirrors our ethos with its soft shades, tactile materials, rounded shapes and range of fonts. Throughout the process, we developed a multitude of approaches and shared – sometimes even personal – stories and examples. Together we carefully analysed each step of our ideas to unite the final product suggestions under a carefully composed canopy of hush’s human brand values.

hush. moodboard and typography

One of the brand’s products: Balance by Lina Wilckens


For you who has a busy lifestyle, it is especially important to stay focused and realise when you need some time off.
Whether working or traveling, Balance is your exclusive companion throughout the day. The smart silver device accurately measures your heartbeat and displays a continuous clockwise movement when you are in a state of calm. However, if you should feel stressed, Balance will switch direction to give you a silent, subtle reminder to take a break.

When you can spare a few minutes, simply push Balance back into its natural clockwise movement. The connected smart phone application will automatically guide you to a near- by hush-approved urban sweet spot. So you can simply breathe.