A modern torture device, the gyno chair, in perhaps its most fashionable form so far
Form Magazine (transl.)

The Language of Design

‘We believe that [design] props can have multiple voices or languages, or […] perspectives they can be designed from.’ – Dunne and Raby, 2013 (1)
Design has a specific language and vocabulary, similar to disciplines such as fine art that already have an established writing practice. The Language of Design


Balance is part of a speculative brand, that looked into the future of well-being in an urban environment. Balance


My project started with an investigation of 7 Days of Takeout Waste. The sheer amount of waste material in paper, plastic and aluminium was demanding innovation: a packaging that becomes part of the meal. EATme

"The Ethical Makers" is a project that aims to reinstate value in the hands of the maker, to increase people’s care for the things they own.