A modern torture device, the gyno chair, in perhaps its most fashionable form so far
Form Magazine (transl.)

The Language of Design

‘We believe that [design] props can have multiple voices or languages, or […] perspectives they can be designed from.’ – Dunne and Raby, 2013 (1)
Design has a specific language and vocabulary, similar to disciplines such as fine art that already have an established writing practice. The Language of Design


Brand concept ‘hush’ was created by four students at the Glasgow School of Art. Its target is one of the deadly sins: envy. ‘Balance’ is one of its products. Balance

The outcome of the 2016 US presidential election provokes answers from the creative industries.


My project started with an investigation of 7 Days of Takeout Waste. The sheer amount of waste material in paper, plastic and aluminium was demanding innovation: a packaging that becomes part of the meal. EATme

"The Ethical Makers" is a project that aims to reinstate value in the hands of the maker, to increase people’s care for the things they own.